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J.N. Tzortzi, M.S. Lux, A. TsiatinisGreenway Network Proposal As Nature-Based Solution In Limmassol, Cyprus4-6 February 2021,
N-AERUS 20th International Conference – HABITAT UNIT – TU Berlin
M.S. Lux, J.N. TzortziActive citizenship to link Urban Green Infrastructure stategy and Cultural Heritage preservation in the response to Climate ChangeScientific Conference: 19-21 November 2021. Participatory Design: City, Environment and Climate Change.Experiences, Challenges and Potentials
Natalia Reggiani Manzo, Prof. Michalis F. Vassiliou, Christos G. Lachanas, Prof. Dimitrios VamvatsikosA risk-based design procedure for negative stiffness bilinear elastic systems. Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Natural Hazards & Infrastructure (ICONHIC2022)Scientific conference: 3rd International Conference on Natural Hazards & Infrastructure,
5-7 July 2022, Athens, Greece
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Maria Stella LUXA city under the landscape: the case study of Matera Scientific conference: Symposium Under the Landscape
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Julia Nerantzia TZORTZI, Maria Stella LUXGreen heritage, green history and green planningScientific Conference:
The Faro Convention. Heritage Communities as Commons: Relationships, Participation, and Well-being in a Shared Multidisciplinary Perspective